Taken from the ReddCore Dev update Jan 2021 which can be found in full here:


Redd Exchange Crowdfund

As ReddHeads may now see on the second screen of our funding page athttps://redd.love/funding , our Exchange Crowdfund has raised ~4M RDD toward our first targeted listing at BitMart, or about one quarter of the way. Our first target for listing at BitMart is $25K USDT. We’ll be holding some events aimed at encouraging ReddHeads to support this effort, especially if your focus is a robust trading experience but also to ensure some diversity in Redd’s availability. The broader our footprint is globally in various markets, and with various platforms, the more secure our ability to both swap between fiat and RDD Enabling redemption to local users through their favorite exchanges only prepares the world for the popularity and utility that RDD has to offer. (As one member of our community specifically asked, once our first target is reached and we have been listed on our first new exchange, we hope to continue the crowdfund effort to achieve other targets as well.)

Once we’ve finally released ReddID and other products that require RDD, the next most important part of our ecosystem is to ensure bridges to spendability via local fiat, cards, or other mechanisms. That requires partnerships with crypto platforms, legal work and exchange and wallet listings, and at present we need your help. See here for details if you haven’t already read it: Exchange Crowdfund Post

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In light of Coinbase’s new AssetHub outreach in recent days, the Redd Core team has not only ensured that we have completed and submitted a new and fully compliant application with CoinBase, but have begun preparing to integrate using the Coinbase Rosetta architecture and API customized to our ReddCoin blockchain. We have not yet received a “yes” answer to our application, but we are planning to be ready as quickly as we can, in preparation for such approval.

One last note on exchanges and listings; the active proposals and possibilities that our project currently has are a direct result of unceasing outreach to the many, many exchanges and platforms in our space, meeting with teams or representatives and reviewing details of our technology, legal status, future planning, use case, team, and lots of other information required. There is an immense amount of wasted effort in this process, but as that work leads to possible agreements and listings, we continue to exert ourselves in that direction. We hope that this update gives some insight into the amount of work going on behind the scenes in all areas, and to illustrate, we’ve added a partial view of our internal exchange tracking board.

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