Published by Jay “Tech Adept” Laurence on the   Project Redd Community Telegram Channel Feb 2021

To all of our ReddHeads, whether you’ve been here a minute or years, you should know that we as a project team and as a solid community try very hard to share the real value behind Redd, our amazing PoSVv2 staking technology (~10% right now), fast and usually free tx’s, the  name-based ReddMobile/ReddID products under development, the awesome support of both ReddHeads and core team for any who need it, and so much more. All real and compelling for us as a crypto project..we want to ensure that the focus is on those aspects, and not the price and its potential alone. We have never promoted our coin as an investment or encouraged price speculation, and will continue to focus on other aspects and while some may see it that way, it’s critical to Project Redd and ReddCoin goals that we maintain that approach and preserve our “utility token” legal status. 

We did relax the rule around price discussion, and I think it’s still ok to discuss moving forward...but please, ReddHeads, try not to talk about “pumping” and “moon” more than you must. And read our ReddPaper and ReddBook if you haven’t, and do share Redd with the world. We’re not trying to shut down the excitement, but we also don’t want to injure our reputation as a genuine and authentic project, and we don’t want users who are less informed getting hurt by those choosing to manipulate RDD for their own selfish gains. 

Be wise, be smart, protect each other, share the Redd love, and we all succeed together. 

We don’t need empty hype and shilling...we are Redd!!!  ???❤️